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WriteLab detects writing issues ("Features") in four areas of writing: Concision, Clarity, Logic, and Grammar. The WriteLab Guide introduces each of these areas and offers detailed explanations and examples of each writing feature detected by WriteLab.

Revising your paper? Take a look at the Guide's chapters on Concision, Clarity, and Logic. 

Want to make sure you don't have any glaring grammar mistakes? Visit the Grammar section.

Need help polishing your writing? While WriteLab doesn't detect Emphasis or Elegance issues, the Guide includes chapters on these issues (found under Additional Resources), with explanations and advice for putting the finishing touches on your prose.

How to use the Guide

You can use the WriteLab Guide as a stand-alone writing handbook. You'll find the Guide most helpful, however, if you use it in tandem with WriteLab, because WriteLab will direct you to the Guide entries most relevant to your own writing. WriteLab will identify in your own writing many of the writing features mentioned in the Guide, and you can use WriteLab's Comments together with in-depth explanations and examples in the Guide to revise, polish, and proof your writing.

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Don't know what WriteLab is?

WriteLab is an online writing platform that offers immediate, constructive responses to any writer's prose. WriteLab combines machine learning, natural language processing, and established pedagogical principles to offer customized responses attentive to the nuances of individual writers' styles.